The Sylvia Adams Charitable Trust

Essential Information

The Trust is spending out its remaining financial resources and will close by March 2023. This will end 27 years of grant making and the distribution of nearly £20 million. Trustees have always held the view that the assets of this Trust are best used to bring about positive change over a shorter period, with less costs, rather than to spread out the expenditure indefinitely.

The last phase is seen as an opportunity to build on existing work funded and to
maximise the impact of the Trust.

In this last phase of the life of the Trust, the focus will be on work in the UK

Improving the outcomes for the most disadvantaged 0-3 years olds

This will build on existing work that the Trust has been supporting in the last few years.

The Trust will also continue to support:

Breaking Down Barriers: understanding genetics together

This project is bringing together many patient support, umbrella and community organisations to improve their reach to those most at risk of genetic conditions but least likely to access support and care. 


The Trust will be consulting with those organisations it has worked with previously as well as new ones, to maximise the impact on these focus areas. This website has details of the work being supported during the spend out phase.

This means that unsolicited applications will no longer be accepted


Breaking Down Barriers 2018